Who says there can be only one way of photo-shooting your big days? Yes, plural for ‘days’. From proposal, engagement, pre-wedding, and even wedding day, everyday is worth of celebration. You might be thinking, “why would you need a ton of photos that look the same?” In fact, more and more people are doing engagement […]

Customers often worry about the limitation on the number of people for a photo shoot. We have no number limitation as long as the group doesn’t go crazy to over 10 people. We strive to provide a precious, memorable time for you, and we understand that can only be achieved when you are with the people […]

Although people may argue that Valentine’s day is no more than a businessmen’s trick to get you spend hundreds of dollars on gifts, showing your loved one that you truly put thoughts into celebrating the time you’ve been together is real. Choosing a gift can become your worst nightmares, and Reader’s digest even suggests that […]