Popular Destinations in New York

Popular Destinations in New York We can start the tour from whenever and wherever you want. Below are the popular spots in New York City.

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Times Square

New year's eve ball drop, billboards, and broadway shows.

The most famous square in the world! Times Square is a major commercial intersection, where is the most visited place globally with visitors over 130 million a year. The place you must visit in your life! PicVoyage vacation photographer knows the secret discount of Broadway shows!

Grand Central Terminal

The $10 million clock, stunning ceiling, and busy people

One of the nations most historical landmarks in NYC. it has remained the busiest train station in the country. Grand Central Terminal has 44 platforms that more than any other railroad terminal in the world. Great choice for vacation photography.

Central Park

Fresh air in this concrete jungle. Take a break from noise.

Central Park is the most visited artificial park in the world, including several iconic symbol of New York City, such as Bethesda Fountain, Central Park Zoo, and Delacorte Theater. Let PicVoyage vacation photographer lead you to enjoy nature in this prosperous NYC!

Brooklyn Bridge

The icon of New York City. National Historic Landmark.

The first steel-wire suspension bridge. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. PicVoyage Photographer will guide you walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It will be a remarkable experience in your life!