Meet PicVoyage Team

Yes, we all live in New York and can't wait to introduce this fabulous city to you.

  • Founder

    Sasha Founder

    Travel, New York City and photography are the most important things she can't live without in her life. She wants to combine her passion with her career, so PicVoyage was born.

  • Photographer

    Vincent Photographer

    My favorite places to shoot are Times Square, Brooklyn Dumbo and Long Island City. I love travel and snowboarding. I speak English, Chinese, I can't wait show you around Big Apple.

  • Photographer

    Leona Photographer

    Leona enjoys snapping photos of each unique person in her life. She specialized in portraits and event photography. Her photography has been featured in fashion magazines, especially her clients include well-known fashion designers, bloggers, makeup studios and so on. In addition, as a fashion designer, she can be in the process of shooting more understanding of the idea of designers and artists.

  • Photographer

    Lucas Photographer

    Lucas is a true artist and New Yorker. Based in Queens, he has lived here for over 26 years. His approach is candid and photojournalist. He loves to tell stories through his images.

  • Photographer

    Chace Photographer

    Chace is a full-time wedding photographer based in New York. One of the best things about photographing is being able to see how people are happy looking through their wonderful moments in life. His mission is to help you hold on to the moments in your life that you wish could last forever. Hw wants to reflect back one day and feel that first love, the joy of that laugh, and all of emotions just like the day it happened.

  • Photographer

    Louis Photographer

    Louis loves traveling and carry his camera doing street snap with people. That's a reason he is a kind of attractive person. Now he is focus on portrait by different styles basically and also catch your perfect moment.

  • Marketing Executive

    Sienna Marketing Executive

    Sienna is a smart marketer and forward thinker. She is also a foodie and great cook. She helps build PicVoyage's brand and she is also our shoot guru who makes every photo shoot smooth.

  • Marketing

    Ann Marketing

  • Marketing

    LC Marketing